Special Features

Dear Mr. Gagliardi,
Every time I look down at my new cello bridge I remember that I haven't yet told you how happy I am with the Kennedy now. Besides looking beautiful, it sounds better than it did when I bought it! All I can think to say to you is: WOW!!!!! Thanks a lot!
Sincerely, Louise D. Dublin

Dear Rich,
Many thanks for your talented and insightful assistance with my viola. It sure is great to know that there is an honest and good instrument dealer and repairman in this part of the world.
All the best, Karen Olson

Dear Mr. Gagliardi,
I am so grateful to you for restoring the old violin. I am practicing. I can even play "How Great Thou Art". I can't tell you how much enjoyment I am receiving from getting back to music. Be assured of my prayer for you. You have helped to make a dream come true. ...I will write from time to time to let you know how I'm doing.
God Bless, Peace, Sr. Piccuirro

Dear Mr. Gagliardi,
I am just delighted with the major restoration work you just completed on my Koldiz violin. Replacing the bass bar in order to put it in the correct position with respect to the bridge has improved its sound 100%! It no longer has that "muffled" sound on the lower strings and it resonates and projects beautifully. I was nervous about having the top removed (especially on a violin made in 1739) but I shouldn't have worried. If I hadn't driven up myself to see the instrument opened up, I would never have known it had undergone such "major surgery". Shaving some of the wood off the neck has made it easier to shift, and I also appreciate your expert repairs to the two small cracks, as well as the general touching up of the raw wood around the edges. A beautiful refinishing job! Thanks again. My violin is now a pleasure to play!
Sincerely, Marilyn Brus.

Dear Rich
Thanks so much for fixing my fiddle. I really appreciate it.
Love, Anne

Once again, many thanks for the beautiful work. Although I know little of how a violin should sound, I do have an eye and an ear for quality, and you clearly put that into your work. I have your card, and anyone I run into who is looking for a violin - or repairs - will get sent your way.
Best wishes. Sincerely, Dustin Nichols

Dear Rich,
Just a quick note to thank you again for doing such a beautiful repair on my violin, and especially for doing it so quickly! It means a lot to me to have it with me on tour, and I really appreciate your efforts.
Sincerely, Kathie Hannauer

Dear Mr. Gagliardi,
Once again I wish to make known my appreciation and respect for you and your taking time to care for my violin.
Good Luck and Health...Max Vont

Dear Rich,
You get a gold star for finding Catherine the wonderful John Juzek viola! With that and a new bow she was able to win first chair in the NJ Junior High Regional Orchestra. To say the least she was very excited. Your personal attention to every customer is greatly appreciated as well as the care you give to making sure every little detail of the instrument set-up is perfect. You have our highest recommendation.
Thanks again...Cordially, Carolyn Park

Dear Rich,
Wanted to write much sooner to tell you that within days of the sound-post movement you did, the cello's lower strings really blossomed! Thank you! All the work you did on it was great! The varnish touch up stopped me from being so embarrassed.
Thanks again Karen Pinoci

Dear Richard,
I am enjoying my "new refinished" SGARBI violin and feel as if it is a "new" instrument since your "Expert refinishing project". I am afraid of marring its beauty by playing it, but I'm trying to be extra careful to maintain it...
Sincerely Arlene and Tom Locole

Please forgive the delay and accept my thanks for your beautiful work. The violin looks and sounds great!
Thanks again, Kathie.

Dear Rich, Please forgive me for taking such a long time to express my absolute delight in the way my Grancino sounds since you worked on it last year. No one who hears me play fails to notice how open and warm it sounds. It sounds just beautiful and I am extremely grateful to you for all your help. Several people had warned me that a new bass bar might or might not help the fiddle's projection and responsiveness... I am so relieved and happy that it did. Needless to say, I've been recommending you to all my friends. Hope you are not swamped!
Fondly, Mary Kay Robinson

Dear Richard,
Thank you so much for the violin and case. I'm sure Molly will enjoy playing it!
Happy Holidays, Eric Murphy

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